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Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals

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Ribtech professional RIBs is the result of an amalgamation of two successful RIB manufacturers in Turkey, Northstar and Asil Marine.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals

Sea Ray

Sea Ray offers the boldest vision of what boating can be and brings that vision to life through innovative design, superior craftsmanship and unwavering owner s...
Shipyards and Haul Out Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals Sales, Charter and Brokerage


Brig-Med is the distributor for Brig Rib's in France and Spain.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals


Calletti manufactures custom high quality rigid inflatable boats ranging from 3 to 9 meters, as well as water toys and crewgear.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals Water Sports and Toys Sport and Outdoor Gear

Sealegs | New Zealand

Sealegs Amphibious Craft have been specifically designed and developed to take all the hassle out of the boat launching and retrieval process.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals


Tecnorib began life in 2005 with a mission to design, build and distribute a new range of inflatable boats.
Shipyards and Haul Out Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals


UFO, established in La Garde, has become since its creation in 2001, a leading actor in the field of composite materials.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals


From custom yachts motor launches to superyacht tenders, each Cockwells yacht is a bespoke project designed and built to the owner’s precise requirements.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals Shipyards and Haul Out

MV Marine

Thanks to the combination of all knowledge acquired over the years, the engineering department of MV designs and builds beautiful and functional R.I.B.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals Jet Ski Services and Supply


Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals

Sea Water

Sea Water means the desire to preserve the authentic RIB that once was. Without superstructures, appendages or other useless and unattractive frills.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals Shipyards and Haul Out

Siner "G"

SINER "g" is a company that was founded in 2002, it mainly manufactures luxury tenders at its main plant located in northern Italy.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals

Smart Own

Smart Own is an international passenger boats dealer & marine consultant based in Dubai.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals Inflatables Refit and Repair Engine Service

Zar Spain

Zar Spain designs and builds a wide range of new semi-rigid boats that adapt to any need or requirement.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals

Asis Boats

World leader in the manufacturing of Rigid Inflatable Boats for the Military, Professional and Leisure sector, ASIS Rib Boats are sold in over 80 countries worl...
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals Inflatables Refit and Repair

Dökar Yat

Dökar Yat has been established in 1978 by Çetin Döker, with a purpose of manufacturing aluminum masts and yacht accessories in Turkey.
Rigging / Sail / Ropes and Cordage Refit and Repair Hydraulics

GM Nautica

GM Nautica offers a mooring and rental services for tenders in Ischia.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals


Rod'Stuffs offers an exclusive watersports supplies selection.
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals Water Sports and Toys

Apex Yachts

Ape Yachts is a new international yacht brand dedicated to delivering true luxury and total performance.
Sales, Charter and Brokerage Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals

Avon Marine

Founded in United-Kingdom on our fine traditions of quality and innovation, Avon Marine is recognized as one of the most premium inflatable products on the mark...
Tender Supply / Refit / Rentals