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Paint and Varnishing

265 services

Superyacht Marine Supplies International Ltd

Jim Kantlehner, Project Director of SMS has over 30 years experience in fairing and painting super yachts worldwide. He is well respected throughout the yachtin...
Paint and Varnishing

Akzo Nobel Coatings Ltd / International Paint

International is Australia’s leading supplier of boat paint maintenance solutions to help protect, beautify and improve your boat’s performance.
Antifouling, Paint and Ultrasonic Paint and Varnishing Polishing and Wood Finishing

Imparat Farbwerk Iversen & Mähl GmbH & Co. KG

Besides the polymer emulsions and the broad range of architectural paints, Imparat also supplies paints for industrial purposes and ships.
Paint and Varnishing

Marine Industrial & Structural Engineering Ltd

Marine Industrial & Structural Engineering is fully equipped to provide professional services for all types of Marine and General Engineering.
Refit and Repair Gel Coat Repairs Engine Service

World Surface Marine Decking and Yacht Restoration

Carpentry and Joinery Paint and Varnishing Polishing and Wood Finishing