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Bakeries and Patisseries

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"Γλυκιά Ματιά" Sweet Glance

At "Γλυκιά Ματιά" (Sweet Glance) you will find traditional sweets, cookies, various biscuits, cakes and bread for all tastes.
Bakeries and Patisseries Cakes / Sweets and Chocolates

Pasticceria Caffetteria Casa del Dolce

The Pasticceria Casa del Dolce, born from the tradition of the Mondelli family, has its own workshop and prepares high-quality pastry products.
Bakeries and Patisseries

Doris's Fresh Food & Yacht Provisioning

Doris' Fresh Food is the premiere Yacht Provisioning and Gourmet Food store in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Provisions and Provisioners Bakeries and Patisseries Cheeses

Pasticceria Triestina di Ulcigrai Giovanni & Figli

The story of The Old Ulcigrai Bakery began last century when arched stone ovens were still made.
Bakeries and Patisseries