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YachtProjects International | USA

2598 East Sunrise Boulevard, Suite 2104 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304

YachtProjects International and their global partners provide solutions for superyachts and marine clients in:
- Satellite communications: Always on Internet VSAT: GMDSS: FBB: Iridium: VOIP and international 4G, Intellian hardware, Inmarsat fleet Express (GX) plus FBB, GMDSS, Fleet One. Iridium. VOIP phones.

- On Board Network: Management Servers, Firewalls, Cyber Security.Mail servers: Wifi Management, Entertainment distribution, Virtual PBX and SIP our product is named “ SeaWall"
- On Board Communication via new technology of IP based handhelds and integration into VHF, UHF, and all off-ship services

-Internet Television (IPTV) Thousands of channels and movies

-Project Management; site & financial management, consultancy for specifications, new builds, refit and repair, Annual surveys

- Headhunter Inc Marine water treatment and on board management

Offices Located in Florida, USA and South Coast of UK
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Satellite comms and VSAT Sanitation Systems/Bio products/Biodegradable/Organic certified products Internet Providers and SIM cards