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San Giorgio Srl

Via Sertorio Orsato, 46, Venice, VE, Italy

San Giorgio Srl, based in Venice, and with branches in Genoa and Ravenna, Italy are a shipping agency providing yacht support, logistics and forwarding services to superyachts cruising in the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas. Their services include, Assistance with Harbour Master, Immigration and Customs’ formalities, Berth reservation, Itinerary planning, Coordination of repairs and technical assistance, Bunkering, Courier service, Banking transactions, Freight and forwarding service, Hotel and restaurant reservations, Helicopter and jet rentals, Fresh provisions and supplies (food, drinks, flowers, etc.), Medical assistance, VIP concierge service, and much more.

San Giorgio Srl was founded on 1 January 2006 from an idea of Capt. Nicola Ruello, using his experience in commercial and passenger vessels and later in two major national shipping agencies.
The idea of creating a new shipping agency in this sector was and continues to be a challenge.

Their aim is to combine technology and experience which are crucial in this market characterised by stagnation and lack of initiative, in a globalised world.

San Giorgio Srl is a young group and it has had a significant professional growth in the last years, thanks to the creation of the new shipment department in 2009.
In 2010 they opened a new branch in Genoa and in 2012 in Ravenna.
In 2011 they provided their office with information technology system to manage custom manifests, in compliance with new european laws.

San Giorgios's positive trend, despite the world crisis, pays back their efforts in order to satisfy their clients.
Recently, they have started working in the yachting field, managing berth booking and complete guest support. and deal with all immigration and customs procedures in order to have their client’s stay in Italy as comfortable as possible.
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