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Quantum Marine Stabilizers | The Netherlands

Industriestraat 7b, 6361 HD Nuth, The Netherlands
Mon-Fri: 8AM - 5PM

Quantum Marine Stabilizers, in Netherlands are a manufacturer of one the most advanced stabilising technologies for superyachts in the world.

They offer Quantum Patented Marine Stabilizer Systems including Zero Speed™ Stabilizers, Dyna-Foil™ Retractable Stabilizers, XT Fin™ Ship Stabilizers, MAGLift™ (Magnus Effect) Rotor Ship Stabilizers, and Quantum Hydraulic Systems & Power Units.

Since 1985, Quantum has pioneered the world’s most advanced marine stabilizing technologies, serving the luxury yacht, military and commercial industries.

Quantum stabilizer products have earned the company a reputation for excellence in design, production quality, and reliability of operation.

Quantum’s commitment to worldwide customer support and service excellence has created a reputation that stands out in the marine industry.
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