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Pacific Yacht Management

2284 W Commodore Way, Suite 120, Seattle, WA, 98199, USA

Pacific Yacht Management based in Seattle, US, is a yacht agent serving superyacht captains, owners, and crew cruising in the US waters. Their complete services include provisioning, yacht logistics, immigration and customs support, superyacht project management, engine room maintenance and service, repairs of electronics and electrical systems, systems maintenance and repairs such as sanitation, plumbing, water maker and refrigeration, interior and exterior cosmetics and woodwork, mooring solutions, and much more.

At Pacific Yacht Management, their agents have ample knowledge of local laws/regulations and hold long-standing relationships with maritime and customs authorities. If you are planning on entering US waters, they can help you complete all needed paperwork for Custom Border Protection, the State of Washington, B1/B2 visas, and pilotage requirements to make the passage as stress-free as possible for you and your crew.

They will give you as much or as little support as you require to give you the best experience possible while in Washington State.

PYM has spent the time needed to find all the best locations and trusted local providers for dining, provisions, moorage, and attractions. Whether it is for relaxation for fun, with their knowledge you will come to Seattle and be ready to hit the ground running.

PYM can source the best quality foods, wine, and supplies that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Their agents also have experience working with suppliers from Fort Lauderdale and across the globe.

PYM know food and understand finding the best quality is hard to do while cruising.

PYM also offers shipping of provisions to Alaska. They are able to pack your order and ensure it is delivered directly from the airport to your vessel. PYM team has been supporting yachts on their summer cruising routes through Alaska and more isolated areas of the Pacific Northwest.

They can also assist with floral arrangements, interior and exterior supplies, and freight forwarding services.
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