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Camino Escollera 4, 1st floor - 07001 - Palma de Mallorca Illes Baleares - Spain

POLSHIELD® is specialised in yacht care and cosmetic maintenance to provide the best finish and protection possible in several key areas: PAINT, GELCOAT, GLASS, METAL, TEAK, PLASTIC, ACRYLIC and POLYCARBONATE. Excelling themselves is their biggest challenge and goal, that is why they are constantly analizing, testing and improving their procedures, taking full advantage of the latest innovations and technologies available to protect the environment as well as their employees, and to provide their clients with the best service at the lowest cost. SERVICES POLISHING NANOPOLYMER COATING CERAMIC COATING Benefits include: Extreme UV protection Ultra stain resistant Abrasion resistant 9H hardness Advanced thermal & UV blocking Mirror-like shine, unrivaled by polymer sealants Effortless cleaning & rapid drying Restoration, polishing and coating services: Gelcoat and painted surfaces, vinyl and metal of yachts and boats Non-skid areas polishing while maintaining non-skid characteristics Thermal protection Prop and running gear JetSkis, outboard engines, stern drives Inflatable & RIB  Show More

Surface Treatment Antifouling, Paint and Ultrasonic Decking