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NeKo Yacht Supply

Europe wide delivery

NeKo Yacht Supply BV offers a wide range of provisions for every department on board the yacht. For the chef they offer a wide range of fresh products and dry goods which are delivered to the chef's specific instructions and will delight the pallets of even the most discerning guests. Their knowledgeable technical and deck departments can provide a wide range of supplies including eco-friendly cleaning products, plus all your medical supplies and the latest customized yacht wear. NeKo also have a dedicated spares department so the Engineer and ETO don't need to look further for any repair, maintenance or emergency parts. Not forgetting the guests themselves, NeKo Yacht Supply BV offers the latest in water sports equipment and is happy to advise on specialist toys for each individual yacht. NeKo Yacht Supply BV strives to deliver an exceptional service 24/7, 365 days a year. NeKo offer free delivery in the Mediterranean, on a daily base!  Show More

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