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KRM Yacht Refit and Repair

Haydar Aliyev Cad. No: 168/3 Tarabya Sarıyer İstanbul Turkey
Mon-Sat: 9AM to 6PM

KRM yacht is the first and only refit company composed of engineers, architects and meticulously hand picked subcontractors to perish the dishonest and unethical behaviours by providing owner friendly features and work ethics and where contemporary engineering meets traditional craftsmanship... KRM Yacht was founded for the sole purpose of specializing in refit only, In this context, they are the first and only professional yacht company which specializes only in refit, in Turkey. KRM believe that the professional perfection depends on highly qualified craftsmanship, honesty, decisive budget and on-time deadline. In this manner, they are proud to have a project management and development team consisting of three marine engineers and an architect. In addition to this team, KRM have highly qualified subcontractors who are specialized in concerned aspects of the yacht depending on their area of expertise. These subcontractors are carefully handpicked by KRM amongst all the subcontractors operating in Turkey. KRM maintain the transparency of their craftsmanship and to gain trust, they provide their 'View Your Yacht' feature to our clients thus they can feel ensured with contentment that 'When she needs care.. KRM are pleased to provide the best care she needs"  Show More

Refit and Repair Hull Cleaning, Maintenance and Guardianage Project Management and Consultancy