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K4 Mobility

K4 Mobility Inc. 1200 North Arlington Heights Road # 430, Itasca, IL 60143, USA.

K4 is a technology company providing connectivity services for superyachts globally. Their services include VSAT, 4G/5G, TVRO, and Voice/VoIP. K4 is your one-stop-shop for equipment, installation, maintenance, and airtime.

K4 is comprised of ''Telecommunications" veterans with a documented track record of building customer-focused organizations that deliver incredible product experiences. The entire team brings a fresh perspective to the most demanding connectivity market in the world, maritime.

K4's first of its kind multi-network, secure and digitally managed connectivity platform allows you to seamlessly choose the right network at the right time based on your needs and location. By tapping into the right network at the right time the K4 platform can drive impressive cost savings and value back to your customers. K4 provides everything you need to meet the most demanding connectivity requirements –

• LTE - The best networks with enterprise grade bandwidth and true international reach.
• VSAT - Global coverage with flexible bandwidth options to create the experience you need.
• KATALYST PLATFORM – This is the future of maritime connectivity. The platform allows a vessel to easily manage a variety of LAN and WAN configurations. The platform consists of a server, a mobile app working in conjunction with cloud-based configuration.
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