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International Superyacht Coatings - ISC

Ocean Village, Ocean Way, Southampton, SO14 3JZ
Mon-Fri: 8AM - 7PM

ISC, International Superyacht Coatings are the superyacht coating applicators of choice for discerning owners and shipyards around the world with offices in England, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta and Singapore.

ISC are world-class specialists in the painting and fairing of superyachts, both for new builds and refits. Their complete range of services include:

Surface fairing
Topcoat application
Metallic & Pearlescent applications
Interior Painting
Machinery Spaces
Surface preparation
Corrosion protection systems
Staff training
Problem Solving
Implementing quality control systems
Paint protection
Paint enclosures

Today, 250 master application specialists stand ready to ensure your superyacht is finished to the highest standards achievable.
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Paint and Varnishing Cleaning Equipment / Corrosion Control Gel Coat Repairs