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Inter-Nett | Carpet Cleaning Service | Sint Maarten

13A Beacon Hill Road Beacon Hill Sint Maarten

Inter-Nett Sint Maarten, in the Caribbean, is a company specialising in the cleaning and protection of superyacht fabrics and upholstery in Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, and the Caribbean.

Their services include:
- Cleaning and protection of carpets, curtains, mattresses and upholstery
- Spot cleaning
- Deodorisation and sanitation of mattresses
- Flame-proofing and IMO FTP code compliant Fire Retardant
- PureSpace disinfection of all surfaces and environments

With over 30 years experience in cleaning fabrics on-board both in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Inter-Nett understands exactly what is required to maintain and protect your yacht’s interiors.
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Canvas, Leather and Upholstery Carpets / Rugs / Upholstering and fitting Cleaning Equipment / Corrosion Control