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Inmarsat Global Ltd

Inmarsat Global Ltd, 99 City Road, London, EC1Y 1AX

Inmarsat, one of the world leaders in global, mobile satellite communications for superyachts, provides connectivity you can rely on wherever you voyage.

As owner and operator of the world’s best global portfolio of satellite networks, Inmarsat is positioned to deliver tailored services to meet the specific needs of your yacht.

Its gold standard Fleet Xpress platform is now installed on more than 10,000 vessels and is the world’s fastest-growing VSAT service.

Enabling digitalisation for your yacht, Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress provides a seamless online experience with industry-leading high speeds for uninterrupted connectivity at sea.

Fleet Xpress for superyacht clients offers guaranteed global bandwidth for connectivity in all conditions, enhancing guest experience with live streaming and social media, as well as improving safety, with access to live weather data for example, and optimising operational efficiency and vessel management. It incorporates a range of benefits, including affordable voice calls, multiple voice options for crew and operations, and high-speed broadband for internet access, plus 24/7 online support by certified engineers. Further benefits include a multi-layered cyber defence solution, Fleet Secure, which monitors, protects and defends your vessel, crew and guests from cyber-attacks.

Inmarsat’s predictive costs can be controlled, with added subscription flexibility to meet seasonal demand changes, providing high bandwidth during peak season and service standby off-season.

Inmarsat is extending its GX network with new satellite launches to enhance its Fleet Xpress capacity, offering global capabilities, including Arctic coverage.
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