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Inmarsat Global Ltd

Inmarsat Global Ltd, 99 City Road, London, EC1Y 1AX

As owner and operator of the world’s best global portfolio of satellite networks, Inmarsat offers the global superyacht fleet a new standard for global maritime satellite communications with crew welfare, regulatory and operational drivers at the heart.

Inmarsat uses its awareness about the importance of superyacht crew communications and reliable on-board internet access, and its expertise in the prevention of cyber-attacks, to develop global services suited for the future.

With a rich heritage spanning more than 40 years, Inmarsat is continually enhancing its global connectivity solutions, with Fleet Xpress now established as the gold standard for reliable communications across the maritime industries, including the superyacht sector.

Delivering high data speeds, continuous connectivity and guaranteed performance, benefits include affordable voice calls, multiple voice options for crew and operations, and high-speed broadband for internet access, plus 24/7 online support by certified engineers.
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