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Enau Group AS

Bayramoglu Mh. Zubeyde Hanım Cd. Kadir Sk. No: 6 Darıca/Kocaeli/Turkey
Mon-Fri: 7:30AM - 6:30PM

Enau is established to provide high technological products and tailored services and solutions to add value to our clients' projects. Enau focus on delivering products and services in line with their vision for the future by concentrating on what the future holds for companies and the way people live. Their motto of “Feel Energy, Save Economy, Increase Efficiency, Protect Environment” serves best to encrypt their vision to every and each of their team members who work with utmost resolution and delicacy for turning the clients' projects into reality. Enau Group is comprised of Enau Design & Solutions and Enau Power & Control departments. Enau Design & Solutions is engaged in design activities of various marine vessel platforms, namely, multiplatform supply vessels (MPSVs), anchor handling vessels (AHTS), dredgers, subsea vessels, ferries, icebreaking offshore vessels, windmill service vessels, various types of fishing vessels and live- fish carriers. Enau Power & Control is our department engaged in design and engineering of innovative efficient electrical drive systems, and diesel electric systems and all related distribution, controlling and automation systems for development and production of various marine vessels. The primary objective is leading the market in high technology solutions and go beyond customer expectations by providing both standardised and customised products and services, hence providing efficient and profitable operational solutions in drive control and automation and alarm systems, integrated bridge solutions with navigation and communication equipment, as well as complete electrical installations.  Show More

Navigation and Control Equipment Audio and Visual Control Systems and Automation