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Channel 28 Ltd.

The Granary, Vann Lake Road, Ockley, Surrey RH5 5JB
Mon-Fri: 8:30AM - 5:30PM

Channel 28 Ltd is a specialist solution provider of communication and custom electronic systems for the superyacht industry based in Surrey, UK.

The company is specialising in:
Digital Crew Communication Systems for Superyachts
Integration with other onboard systems such as Alarm Monitoring & Steward Call
RF distribution and management onboard
Network and Internet Management
Custom Control Applications for TVRO dome control

Founded in 2012 by two engineers with experience of delivering bespoke systems to tight deadlines and at realistic pricing, the company was conceived to develop and locate well-engineered products and then integrate them into systems for specialist customers.

Now in its third year, Channel 28 boasts a variety of products specifically developed for the marine industry, and in particular the superyacht industry, including its flagship product C-Comm.

Now installed and in operation on an ever-growing number of yachts worldwide, C-Comm’s proven technology, security features, and custom solutions have made it a true success.

With all available solutions tailored to yacht, crew, and owner specific needs, their range of services and products available for the superyacht industry continues to expand and grow in line with industry and onboard technology requirements.

Across other industries, Channel 28 is involved in a number of system solutions for a variety of commercial customers.

Alongside their existing portfolio, the company continues, across all market areas, to invest in and focus on developing and extending the products and solutions they offer all of their clients.
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