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Allegra Port Agent | Bar

Marina bb, Passenger terminal, 85000 Bar, Montenegro

Allegra Port Agent, based in Bar, Montenegro is a yachting agency serving superyachts in all ports of Montenegro 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meeting your demands and making your visit most pleasant. Their services include:
• Yacht tax-free fuel bunkering
• Yacht customs and clearances
• Berth reservations
• Yacht provisions
• Concierge services
• Hotel and restaurant reservations
• Exclusive tours and excursions
• Transfers
• Spare parts and maintenance.

Allegra Port Agent was founded in 2010 and with vast maritime experience their team can supply a full range of professional yacht agency services to assist superyachts visiting Montenegro.

As part of their commitment to clients, and thanks to expert local knowledge and experience, Allegra Port Agent can assure high-quality service like world-renowned yacht agents.

Contact Allegra Port Agent today to professionally manage your time in Montenegro.
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