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Day Work

Published: 06/09/2019

Nassau Harbour Club Marina
Day Worker

ARE YOU A HARD WORKING, COMMITTED DAYWORKER SURVIVING IN THIS COMPETITIVE INDUSTRY? WANT A WAY TO EARN QUICK MONEY TO HELP PAY FOR COURSES OR ACCOMMODATION WHILST SEARCHING FOR YOUR NEXT YACHT JOB? We are seeking several candidates to assist in 14 day or 30 day part-time projects within Europe, Bahamas and Asia over the next 18 months. Candidates must be keen, hardworking, physically fit and happy to work in refit environments for short period contracts. Role involves the following: Chemical descaling treatment of black and grey water pipes onboard Cruise Liners. Current location is of no issue but Europe or UK based is preferred. Full training will be provided on arrival from Senior engineers and Project managers. First contract is 15th October 2019 for 16 days in total(including travel)

Salary: £120 per day

Job Requirements

The basic criteria for these candidates are: 1. English Language skills 2. Physically Fit ( Heavy lifting involved) 3. Hard Working 4. Trustworthy with no criminal records 5. Good personality with ability to work in a team of up to 16 people 6. Marine experience a plus. 7. Current valid Passport with minimum of 6 months available for travel, B1/B2 Visa (or a nationality that must allow to get a ESTA Visa for the USA) 8. Willing to travel Internationally Package on offer; • Each contracts is 14 days or a maximum of 30 days • All Flights and travel expenses covered • Accommodation provided (Onboard or land based depending on the project) • Daily food provided • Standard dayworker daily rate salary • All travelling days are also considered a work day

  • Job Positions: Day Worker
  • Visa: Registered to work in US (B1/B2 Visa or US Passport)
  • Visa 2: Registered to work in EU (Schengen Visa or EU Passport)
  • Languages: English

Preferred Info

  • Experience: 1-2 Seasons